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About Us

The Cornwall & Devon Vegan is here to help being Vegan easy in Devon & Cornwall by providing a guide on where to eat, drink, hair/beauty, shop and accommodation. This guide supports local businesses. The Cornwall & Devon Vegan Guide: a testament to resilience and dedication in spreading the message of compassion and sustainability. 


The Vision

The Cornwall and Devon Vegan, which was once known as The Devon Vegan was first created back in Lockdown of 2020. The guide was set up to help vegan's navigate life after Lockdown and support vegan-friendly businesses in a time of need. After Lockdown there was a lot of new businesses on the vegan scene, along with those businesses who didn't sadly make it through the Covid era. It was finally time to make being vegan as easy as possible.


Fast forward 4 years later, the Cornwall & Devon Vegan is no longer just an online platform and virtual community for vegan's but is now a reality. 2024 will see a whole host of networking and social events happening across Devon & Cornwall to bring businesses and individuals together to create a safe and friendly vegan community.


What makes the Cornwall & Devon Vegan stand out from the crowd is, it's founded and managed by Lesley Rigg, who is local to Devon and spends a lot of her time in Cornwall. Lesley is not only passionate about making veganism accessible but strives in supporting vegan-friendly businesses achieve above and beyond. Lesley takes pleasure in connecting with businesses to find out who they are wand what they do!


Lesley is still proud to offer all vegan-friendly in the region a FREE website listing. However, Lesley is now using her 10 years worth of social media and marketing experience to help take businesses to the next level when it comes to a businesses presence online and offline. All businesses are now offered business memberships covering all budgets, which offer a wealth of business support and benefits. 

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